Maxwell Maverick, with despair written on his face, asked his soon-to-be bride Anna Luien. Well, she was going to be his bride but that changed today. He was on his knees looking up at her as they were arguing. They were inside Anna’s house to stay away from prying eyes. Yet the people outside could still hear their shouts.

Looking down on Max, Anna sneered.

“Max, frankly, you are worthless. If not for being the village elder’s son, you would be nothing! You have no magic talent and you even lack physical strength! What sort of man are you? So useless you can’t even run 10 meters without falling down!”


Max showed a pained expression. She was right. He was practically just a nobody. Without his father’s influence, the villagers would surely exile him without even batting an eye.

In this age, a person without any magic inside him is considered useless. From farmers up to knights up to the king himself, magic was a necessity. Even the beggars seen on the streets of the city have magic in them. To them, magic is what moves the world. They use magic in their daily life. From the littlest of chores (like picking up trash) magic would be used. Those unfortunate few who were born with no magic would be cast out since they would be a ‘thorn’ to society as they would not be a beneficial workforce for the country.

Max was just lucky that he was born in a small village and that his father was the village chief. Whenever the villagers tried to throw him out, his father would then interfere and knock them on the ground. He then pressured them not to bother his son again.

When Max asked his father why he protected him, his father would just smile and say:

“Max, before your mother died, I promised her that even if you were born a cockroach I would still raise you to be a man.”

After his father said that, he was moved… yet still felt a bit annoyed. True to his words, his father raised him up without a single complaint. He fed him, clothed him, played with him, and peeped in the women’s bath with him. Seriously, what a father!

Now that your father is dead and the new Elder has been elected, I would naturally cancel our marriage.”

“B-but have I not done everything you asked me to do? Have I not given you what you wanted?”

Max pleaded with puppy dog eyes. Well… they were ineffective.

“Hmph. Naturally else I would not even converse with you! Now get out! i never want to see you again! Just staying near you is making me throw up!”

Saying that, Anna began to shoo him away… with her foot. Then with a final kick sent him out the door.

“A-Anna! Plea-“

Having the door slammed on his face, Max could only leave in silence.

Looking around dejectedly he could see the look of contempt the villagers were giving him.

He knows that staying here any longer would be disastrous.

He sighed then with heavy steps turned to the direction of his home.

The former Elder’s house was very simple. Two rooms, a kitchen, a living room, and an outhouse. That’s it. From this you could tell that his father wasn’t corrupt at all. He was the kind of person who would do everything for his village which was why the villagers gave up on throwing Max out. Max respected him for this and at the same time, he felt proud.

When Max arrived, he began to pack all his things since he knew the villagers were going to kick him out soon.

Might as well leave in peace rather than in violence. He thought

As he was packing, he decided to check his father’s room to see if he could get any mementos from there. As he was rummaging through his father’s desk he found some photo crystals with his mother in them as well as a letter assigned to him written by his late father.

He kept the crystals then slowly opened the letter then begun to read with a complicated expression.

My dear Max,

                When you read this letter, either I am dead or you stole it from me when I am away. If you stole it you better return it now else I’ll sock you a new one when I get back!

Max resisted the urge to crumple the letter and throw it away. He sighed then continued to read.

Max, I know that when I’m gone, the villagers won’t keep quiet and let you keep living there. So I decided to save some expenses for you behind the hidden cupboard in the kitchen. Don’t worry! It’s the villager’s tax money, not mine. So you can spend it anyway you want!

“Hey! Return the respect I gave you for being a straight official you rotten old man!”

Max shouted at the letter quivering in anger. After calming himself he continued to read.

Max, don’t be sad when the villagers will kick you out. It is not the end of your journey. Think of it as the start point of your life! From the first step you take out of this village look around and take a deep breath. That is where you will feel truly alive with nothing binding you down. Experience everything. Go wherever you want. Do what you want to do. Nothing will bind you down now that you are free! But remember that no one is truly free and that the money I saved will not last forever so get some work you lazy bones!

                                                                                                                                       Your Excellent Supreme Dad,

                                                                                                                                                Elliot Maverick

As Max slowly folded the letter, he felt really motivated. His father’s words were ringing in his ears.

That’s right! I am finally free! Max thought to himself.

He couldn’t sit still and rushed to the kitchen to take the money his father left him. He opened the cupboard and found… one coin and another letter.

Sorry Max. A friend from the capital came looking for me. I forgot I owed him a debt so I used the money here to pay him. Wahaha… my bad.

Seriously…what a father!

With a sigh, he took the coin and did a final check on everything.

I will come back. I swear I will show them that they are wrong! That I can become someone that commands respect! I will return when that day comes. Wait for me mother…and…father. I won’t let you down!

Removing the final sentence his dad wrote for him from his memory, Max set out for the world.

He would then be known as the most powerful man in the world…